Marketing Automation Audit

Marketo Review and Optimization Package

You've inherited a marketing automation implementation.

How do you quickly find out what is there, what is working, what is broken, what needs to be updated?
How can you identify those best practices that can improve your marketing performance?

Our review and optimization package looks at your marketing automation implementation and answers these questions. Definitive recommendations give you actionable projects that will align your marketing automation implementation with your goals.

Invest now to get the maximum value out of your marketing automation system:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing automation implementation
  • Identify improvements that will build greater marketing effectiveness

Projects are always customized to your unique needs and requirements.

We'll be happy to customize a package specifically for your needs.

We specialize in Marketo implementations.

Call us today at (831) 588-0354 to discuss how we can help you optimize and improve your marketing automation implementation.