Lead-to-Sales Process Overview

Better Alignment = Greater Revenue

A fully aligned, closed-loop lead-to-sales process translates into revenue acceleration.

Many marketing dollars and hours have been spent focused on the initial acquisition of a lead through trade shows and conferences, search engine marketing, list acquisition, referrals, cold calls, banner ads, etc. It's a non-ending list and highly dependent on the marketing dollars available to any given organization.

For the past 30 years in technology marketing, there tended to be little focus on what happens after a lead is handed off to sales and often a lot slaes and marketing conflict over the quality and value of a lead.

Over the past 5 years, this has changed dramatically in large measure due to the ability to really track a lead from initial acquisition through the entire sales cycle - whether shorter or longer. The reasons are simply because affordable tools now exist for startups, medium and large enterprises. The success of SalesForce made tracking practical - and there is simply no reason that any size organization should not be tracking leads through a closed-loop process. In addition, marketing automation tools that integrate with SalesForce (or other CRM products) now enable marketing to continuously nurture leads after acquisition and to be able to track responses, shared with sales for immediate follow-up.

A closed-loop process is predicated on agreement between marketing and sales on the process, from lead definition to recycling, when nurturing happens and much more. This alignment drives the organization to create effective marketing programs and sales follow-up leading to greater revenue.

Gone are the days of tossing leads over the cubical walls and guessing as to what happened. It's a new world for organizations of all sizes to drive cost effective marketing programs based on metrics, transparency and visibility.

Defining the Process


Your lead-to-opportunity process represents the agreement between marketing and sales. It defines how you will work together to progress a lead to a closed sale. Do you have an agreed upon process?

With our strategic services, we can help your marketing and sales organization to define a mutually agreeable process.

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Automating the Process


Your CRM and Marketing Automation tools must support and automate your agreed upon process to be effective. Do the tools efficienctly support your process?

With our lead-to-sales process services, we can ensure your process is fully automated in your marketing automation and customer relationship management tools.

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