Defining the Lead-to-Sales Process

Common definitions and process alignment

Lead-to-sales process = the marketing and sales paths prospects take from product interest to product purchase. Leads rarely follow a straight-path through the process.


Your lead-to-sales process represents the agreement between marketing and sales. It defines how you will work together to progress a lead to a closed sale.

Included in this agreement:

  • Lead lifecycle - entire end-to-end process
  • Marketing qualified lead - attributes of a lead that is ready for sales development
  • Sales qualified lead - attributes of a lead that becomes an opportunity worked by sales
  • Lead recycling - management of a lead that is not yet ready for an opportunity

We can be an unbiased resource to help your sales and marketing teams gain agreement on the process by balancing the needs of both organizations and focusing bringing our best practices knowledge to the project. We have worked with clients that sell to the enterprise and to small-and-medium business. We also have worked with direct sales and channel sales clients.

Projects are always customized to your unique needs and requirements.

Once agreement is met, we can then implement the changes in both your Salesforce and Marketo to fully automate the process.

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